"Pascala"   (Pablito/Lessing/Banter)  

Sold!  Congratulations to Chris D!

2005 filly (Pablito/Lessing/Banter)
Bay, star, two matching hind socks

Hunters, Jumper or Event Prospect
Amateur's dream horse.  Pascala ("Callie") is a coming along like gangbusters!  This easy, athletic filly is currently in work under saddle.  Callie topped all mares in the jumping chute portion at her Mare Performance Test in July 2008, scoring 8.5 and 8.  Click on link above for pictures and video.
Wexford ("Reggie") (Wildcard/Bit of Class /Clavier)
May 1, 2004 gelding

Chestnut, star, left hind anklet

SOLD!  Congrats to Karin!
"Peri"    (Pablito/Maurice/Wenzel I)  

Sold!  Congratulations to Brittany V!

2005 filly  (Pablito/Maurice/Wenzel I)
Bay, star, blaze, snip, four matching socks

Dressage or Hunter Prospect

Peri an truly exceptional filly, in conformation, type and movement. Lightly backed in Dec 07 and in work since April, 08.  She has been entered into the Main Studbook, and is Elite Eligible with a grading of 7.33.  Solid and elegant dressage Prospect - showing promise in the jump chute.  Click on link above for pictures and video.

Enchanting ("Ella") (Evergreen/Armin)

Sold!  Congratulations to
Helen C !
(Evergreen/Armin/Akzent II)
June 15, 2005 filly
Chestnut, star, blaze, three whites

Ella is a proud acquisition for AHF, Hnter prospect. Bred by Performance Breeders, Inc
Poirot "Petey"   (Pablito/Maurice/Wenzel I) 

SOLD!  Congrats to Britta!

June 6, 2006 Gelding
(Pablito/Maurice/Wenzel I)
Dark bay, star, blaze, snip, two hind socks

Poirot is an athletic, elastic and kind youngster. Good bet for the ambitious amateur.

Photo at 3 years: 7/20/2008 Photo by Kara Morris
"EE Fontyn"  (Fred Astair/Maurice/Wenzel I)

SOLD.         UPDATE 8/15/11 Fontyn is named Mare Champion at Hilton Farm Inspection with a score of 7.83!
2008 Filly, out of SPS Malena.  This filly is quite special.  She is outgoing, friendly and personifies elegance.  "Margo" possesses the same dignity and grace as the prima ballerina for which she is named.   Excellent uphill and  balanced movement, coupled with outstanding conformation.  Click on link above for pictures and video. Under saddle video from 10/26/11 may be found here.
"Fabrizzio"  (Fielding/Maurice/Wenzel I)

Sold!  Congratulations to Michael B!  I could not have wished for a better partnership.

SPS Malena foaled out our first Fielding colt on 6/3/10/  "Leroy" is tall, elegant and dark bay with beautiful markings and beautiful, elastic gaits to match.  Click on his name above for pictures and VIDEO.

"Fidelma"  (Fred Astair/Lessing/Banter)

SOLD!  Warmest wishes to Amy L. and "Sister"

MSB Lesley foaled out a tall, lovely bay filly on 3/24/08.  Very leggy, with a beautiful topline and hip.  Powerful mover, and elastic.  Once again, Lesley has produced a quiet, confident and friendly foal.  Solid bay, with a few white hairs at the center of her forehead.   Click on link above for pictures and video
Photo taken 8/15/11           Photo by Pics of You
"Francheska AH" 
(Fielding/Maurice/Wenzel I)

SOLD!  Congratulations to the Toering family!   2011 filly, out of SPS Malena. Francheska is an elegant, beautifully made and exciting filly.   Big, elastic movement, and an affectionate, bold, and sunny disposition.  

Click on link above for pictures and video.
Photo by High Time Photography