1998 Hanoverian - Dark Brown - 16.3 Hands

Fred Astair was imported after successfully completing his 70 day performance test in Adelheidsdorf, Germany. Prior to going to Adelheidsdorf, he had a successful 3 year old show season competing in Material Classes. He ultimately became Reserve Champion for the qualified 3-year-old stallions for the 2001 Bundeschampionate.  I was very fortunate to see this young stallion while he was in quarantine here in Virginia, and was captivated by his presence, his outstanding gaits and wonderful elasticity.

His sire, Fabriaino, won his testing at Adelheidorf in 1990 with an overall score of 133.02 He has fulfilled high expectations having already produced 12 approved sons and more than 84 State Premium Mares, including SPS Fenjala was Champion mare at Verden in 1999, 2001 and 2002 and Reserve Champion mare at the Louis Wiegels Show in 1999, the 1995 Schillerslage Show Champion,  and 10 mares who where winners of their class at different shows.  His progeny are equally good in dressage and jumping ability. In 1996 he presented Fats Domino as a finalist at the Federal 3 year Old Riding Horse Championship. To Date, he has presented nearly 100 candidates for the Verden Elite Auctions, of whom Forrest Gump was sold for the incredible sum of DM 350,000. At the Elite Auction in October, 2001, a Fabriano daugher acheived the sum of DM 240,000.

Fred Astair was imported by Garner Creek Farms, and was purchased as a competition stallion by his trainer, Tom Noone.  These two had a long and very successful partnership that ended with Fred Astair's untimely death in 2012.  Fred was used primarily as a riding stallion, but has a small number of high-quality offspring on the ground.  They will serve as his legacy.  R.I.P. Fred Astair.